Teachers for a day in 6th grade

“Last weeks we’ve worked on the Science unit “Using Technology” by making projects for each section of the unit, using Genially for making them. However, two groups have made models about their project.The aim is to become teachers for a day and make our classmates learn something about the topic. Challenge achieved!”

Diego Ñudi, 6ºA

“In this last classes of Science we have been teachers for a day… We had great fun because a lot of groups made a big effort”

Claudia Gañán, 6ºA

“It was funny and the teacher gave us many hours so that we didn’t have homework. Then, we had to present it and take a few notes so that we could study. The projects were perfect and we were teachers for an hour. It was great fun and an amazing idea”

Sergio Sevilla, 6ºA

“In this final unit of Science we have prepared some projects in groups. We could be teachers for one day! It was fantastic because one group prepared costumes, another made a computer out of boxes… We have learnt a lot this way!”

Carla Navarro, 6ºA

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