English for me


For me, learning English is important because it is a language that is  now required in all places and knowing English is sure to help me get a job when I am older because it is like a universal language because it is spoken everywhere.

English has a series of tests that determine your level of this language.

I go to a bilingual school and I study many subjects in English and although my level is not very good, I am improving, I have been learning English since I was three years old and the truth is that English is very entertaining, fun and not as difficult as others. I recommend it.

María Manrique, 6ºA

Endangered animals in 4B

In the Natural Science class, we have been learning about endangered animals. We’ve made a project about what is making them disappear and thinking about what we need to do for protecting them.

Save the endangered animals!!!


En la clase de Science hemos estado aprendiendo mucho sobre los animales en peligro de extinción. Hemos hecho un proyecto sobre las causas de su desaparición y hemos reflexionado sobre lo que tenemos que hacer para protegerlos.

¡Salvemos a los animales en peligro de extinción!


Dear parents and students,

In the following link you can find a great webpage to read books in English and practise their reading comprehension skills.


Once you are in the web, you need to click on My Class Login, then you need to write:

My class name: grade4

My class password: grade4

After that, you can go to My bookshelf and search for books to read according to your age or interest. Some of them have activities to answer about the stories.

Happy reading!!!


Estimados padres y alumnos:

En el siguiente enlace podéis encontrar una página web genial para leer libros en Inglés y practicar las habilidades de comprensión lectora.


Una vez que estáis en la página, tenéis que hacer clic en My Class Login, luego necesitaréis escribir:

My class name: grade4

My class password: grade4

Después de eso, podéis ir a My bookshelf y buscar libros para leer según tu edad o interés. Algunos de ellos tienen actividades para contestar sobre los cuentos.

¡Feliz lectura!


Inventing towns in 6A

During our assistant teacher Sarah’s class, we’ve been inventing some towns. She showed us her example and after that we started working in groups. We had to tell five facts about it and ten rules (using modal verbs). Then we talked about it to our classmates and voted for our favourite town, but all of them were fantastic and it would be very fun to live in any of them. It has been a really exciting activity and we have also improved our use of modal verbs.

These are some of them:




Hemos estado inventando ciudades en la clase con Sarah, nuestra auxiliar de conversación. Ella nos enseñó un ejemplo y después nos pusimos a trabajar en equipos. Teníamos que poner cinco datos importantes y diez reglas utilizando “modal verbs“. Después hicimos una presentación a nuestros compañeros y votamos por nuestra favorita. Todas eran geniales, sería muy divertido vivir en cualquiera de ellas. Ha sido una actividad muy emocionante y hemos podido mejorar el uso de los “modal verbs“.