My experience in a bilingual school

This entry is to show you that English is very important for your life.

Firstly, English is important because if you go to a city where people only speak English, you cannot communicate with them if you don´t speak it. For example, if you go to France and don´t know how to speak French, you can speak English with them and they will do the same with you.keep-calm-and-enjoy-learning-english

Furthermore, English is a language that you must learn at school and by yourself, because it is mandatory.

Also, my experience to be the first bilingual class of Primary in our school is that I have learnt more English than the rest of the school and I feel very excited. I am not afraid of learning less Spanish because I was born in Spain and I can always learn later.

Check our school website for information:



Víctor Benjamins, 6ºA



Learning English


Firstly, I say to you how important it is to learn ENGLISH, because ENGLISH is the most used language in all the world.

I recommend you to follow the next points to learn it:

  1. You should find the words you don’t know in a good dictionary, an example in internet is or others translators like “El Mundo” or “Google”.
  2. I practice in the school with a native teacher the conversation to improve my level of spoken English. Also, I learn how to speak by talking to my classmates. If you don’t go to school, there are groups of conversation in internet, some without paying and others in which you must pay.
  3. I recommend to read some news in a newspaper or in a website.
  4. I also learn by reading books. The last book I read was The adventures of Tom Sawyer It’s an interesting  action book for young students.


Hugo González, 6ºA

English for me


For me, learning English is important because it is a language that is  now required in all places and knowing English is sure to help me get a job when I am older because it is like a universal language because it is spoken everywhere.

English has a series of tests that determine your level of this language.

I go to a bilingual school and I study many subjects in English and although my level is not very good, I am improving, I have been learning English since I was three years old and the truth is that English is very entertaining, fun and not as difficult as others. I recommend it.

María Manrique, 6ºA

Endangered animals in 4B

In the Natural Science class, we have been learning about endangered animals. We’ve made a project about what is making them disappear and thinking about what we need to do for protecting them.

Save the endangered animals!!!


En la clase de Science hemos estado aprendiendo mucho sobre los animales en peligro de extinción. Hemos hecho un proyecto sobre las causas de su desaparición y hemos reflexionado sobre lo que tenemos que hacer para protegerlos.

¡Salvemos a los animales en peligro de extinción!