Book Day activities

Happy book day carteles

  • Make your own play with the family. Choose your favourite story and record yourselves acting it out.
  • Make a puppet show.
  • Make your reading corner.
  • Make a book mark to use when reading your favourite book.
  • Make a mini book of your favourite book or invent your own story.
  • Dress up as your favourite book character.
  • Read your favourite book to your family.
  • The most important thing is to have fun reading and if you want, your teacher would love to see what you chose to do. Send her a photo or a video.

Past simple (irregular verbs)

In 4th, 5th and 6th grades we are working on the Past Simple, in the following links you can practise the irregular verbs.

Irregular Past Quiz

Irregular verbs in context

Complete the sentences

Past simple exercise


En 4º, 5º y 6º estamos trabajando el pasado simple, en los siguientes enlaces podéis practicar los verbos irregulares.


Our students were working on Halloween in their English and Arts and Crafts classes as we need to learn about different cultures and here you can see what they made.

Nuestros alumnos estuvieron trabajando sobre Halloween en las clases de inglés y Arts, ya que debemos aprender sobre diferentes culturas y aquí podéis ver lo que hicieron.

Materials properties

In 3rd grade we are learning about materials and their properties.

If you want to play and try some quizzes, click on the following links.


En 3º estamos aprendiendo sobre los materiales y sus propiedades.

Si queréis jugar y probar a hacer algunos juegos de preguntas, haz click en los siguientes enlaces.