Describing my family

Students from 1st B have applied what they have learnt in class in a real situation describing one or two members of their family they have chosen.

They have really enjoyed the activity because they did it with their families and used ICT which motivate them.

video family1


Los alumnos de 1ºB han aplicado lo que han aprendido en clase en una situación real describiendo a uno o dos miembros de su familia que han elegido.

Ellos se lo han disfrutado esta actividad porque lo han realizado con su familia y utilizado nuevas tecnologías lo cual les motiva.


Using the microscope

In 5th grade we are learning about the Plant Kingdom and we went to the lab to see some plant parts through the microscope. It was really interesting!

En 5º estamos aprendiendo sobre el Reino Vegetal y fuimos al laboratorio a ver algunas partes de diferentes plantas a través del microscopio. ¡Fue muy interesante!



Past Continuous

The students in 5th grade are working on Past continuous and past simple. Here you have several links to practise it.

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3 basketball

Game 4 snakes and ladders

Activity: Order the words

Game 5: Pirate game

pirate game

Los alumnos de 5º están trabajando el pasado continuo y el pasado simple. Aquí tenéis algunos links para practicarlo.



My experience in a bilingual school

This entry is to show you that English is very important for your life.

Firstly, English is important because if you go to a city where people only speak English, you cannot communicate with them if you don´t speak it. For example, if you go to France and don´t know how to speak French, you can speak English with them and they will do the same with you.keep-calm-and-enjoy-learning-english

Furthermore, English is a language that you must learn at school and by yourself, because it is mandatory.

Also, my experience to be the first bilingual class of Primary in our school is that I have learnt more English than the rest of the school and I feel very excited. I am not afraid of learning less Spanish because I was born in Spain and I can always learn later.

Check our school website for information:



Víctor Benjamins, 6ºA