We are learning all about sports and here we can sing together about them.

Estamos aprendiendo todo sobre los deportes y aquí podemos cantar juntos sobre ellos.


Present Perfect

In the following links you can practise the Perfect Perfect:


Since/ For

Present perfect and past simple

Basketball game

Pirate game

Present perfect quiz


En los siguientes links podéis practicar el Present perfect.

Key and Preliminary practice

In 5th and 6th grades we are practising the Key and Preliminary exams and you can go on doing it in the following links.

Three complete tests from Key and Preliminary

One test from Key and Preliminary

Two online practice tests for KEey

Key test and vocabulary practice games

Key conversation exercise

Key practice R&W


En 5º y 6º estamos practicando el Key y el Preliminary y podéis seguir haciéndolo en los siguientes enlaces.



Have to (modal verbs obligation)

In 5th grade we are working on “Have to” a modal verb to express obligation and you can practise it in the following links.

Activity 1

Activity 2



En 5º estamos trabajando el “have to” un verbo que utilizamos para expresar obligación y en los siguientes enlaces lo podéis practicar.