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THE TRAVEL BLOG by Nai and Lidia

We went to the bus. And then,we went to the bedroom, the monitor’s name was
Then we went to the field for the free time.
One hour later, we went canoeing.

Two hours later, we went to have lunch and we ate: paella, salami, potatoes and
banana. Then, we went to the river and did the analysis with the water of the river.

Three hours later, we made a ship and then we had a shower. The dinner was:
vegetable cream.

One hour later, we had a game with torch, it was very cool, but we didn’t playbecause it was raining and we played another game. Then, we went to the bathroom and brushed our teeth, went to the bedroom and had a good night.

We had breakfast, it was delicious!
We had free time.

Then we had archery.

One hour later we had lunch we ate: chicken, lentils and jelly.

Then, we had free time and then we had the snack and we made a perfume.
It smells delicious!

One hour later, we had a shower. The dinner: soup and jelly and then we had discotheque! We danced a lot. Then, we brushed our teeth and had a good night!

We had breakfast and then free time.
Then, we went to the slide and then to another slide. I preferred the slide number

We washed our hands, we ate: macaroni, croquettes of jam and turnover.
Then, we worked on the layers of Earth and we went to the bus and watched the
movie of Trolls.

My book suggestion

harryHello everyone, I want to recommend you the book in English ‘Harry Potter and the half-blood prince’ by J.K Rowling.

Of all the English books I have read I think this is the most interesting of all.

It is a novel book of 768 pages about the sixth story of Harry Potter. It has a lot of mystery.

It contains a lot of different vocabulary so you will learn a lot of English. The most interesting part of the book is the end, so it has you hooked until you end reading it.harruy-potter

It is about Harry Potter, who finds a potion book of the half-blood prince with invented spells (that really functioned) and a lot of new things. When Dumbledore dies because Snape kills him, Harry tries to hurt him with a spell of the half-blood prince and he realizes Snape was the owner of the book.

I recommend it to people who want to learn English and like Harry Potter books.

María Cabello, 6ºA


Dear parents and students,

In the following link you can find a great webpage to read books in English and practise their reading comprehension skills.

Once you are in the web, you need to click on My Class Login, then you need to write:

My class name: grade4

My class password: grade4

After that, you can go to My bookshelf and search for books to read according to your age or interest. Some of them have activities to answer about the stories.

Happy reading!!!


Estimados padres y alumnos:

En el siguiente enlace podéis encontrar una página web genial para leer libros en Inglés y practicar las habilidades de comprensión lectora.

Una vez que estáis en la página, tenéis que hacer clic en My Class Login, luego necesitaréis escribir:

My class name: grade4

My class password: grade4

Después de eso, podéis ir a My bookshelf y buscar libros para leer según tu edad o interés. Algunos de ellos tienen actividades para contestar sobre los cuentos.

¡Feliz lectura!