Zero, First and Second Conditionals

In 6th grade we’re studying Second Conditional. We propose you this link from the British Council where you will find a video and some exercises to review the three type of conditional sentences that we know.

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En 6º estamos estudiando el Second Conditional. Te proponemos este enlace, del British Council en el que encontrarás un video y varios ejercicios para repasar los tres tipos de oración condicional que ya sabemos.



Describing my family

Students from 1st B have applied what they have learnt in class in a real situation describing one or two members of their family they have chosen.

They have really enjoyed the activity because they did it with their families and used ICT which motivate them.

video family1


Los alumnos de 1ºB han aplicado lo que han aprendido en clase en una situación real describiendo a uno o dos miembros de su familia que han elegido.

Ellos se lo han disfrutado esta actividad porque lo han realizado con su familia y utilizado nuevas tecnologías lo cual les motiva.

Useful English

English is very important for me because if you go to another country where they speak another language that you do not know, you can use English to communicate.logo_english_we_can

English today is important for going to another country, for getting a job…

Nowadays almost everything is
in English: books, games, videogames…

I was at home one day playing football video games with my brother and father. We were reading an advice of the game in English that was on the screen, saying that you had to go to one site. I read it and I understood. We won the game because knowing English is very useful and important.

Watch this video with funny situations which may happen if you don’t know English:

And a more serious one about the importance of English nowadays

Miguel García, 6ºA