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Useful English

English is very important for me because if you go to another country where they speak another language that you do not know, you can use English to communicate.logo_english_we_can

English today is important for going to another country, for getting a job…

Nowadays almost everything is
in English: books, games, videogames…

I was at home one day playing football video games with my brother and father. We were reading an advice of the game in English that was on the screen, saying that you had to go to one site. I read it and I understood. We won the game because knowing English is very useful and important.

Watch this video with funny situations which may happen if you don’t know English:

And a more serious one about the importance of English nowadays

Miguel García, 6ºA


We have learnt a lot of things about planets in 4th grade.

If you want to review it, you can watch the following video or complete this worksheet with comparatives and superlatives.


Hemos aprendido muchas cosas sobre los planetas en 4º de Primaria.

Si queréis repasarlas, podéis ver el siguiente vídeo o completar esta hoja de ejercicios con comparativos y superlativos.